Eric J. Morin is a Forbes speaker and author who turned his own dental practice into a multi-doctor, multi-million-dollar business. His consultancy, keynotes, presentations, and workshops have helped hundreds of other dentists follow his approach. Double their revenues. Pay off their homes within two years. Spend more time with their families. 

Below, we’ll take you through the four key programs Eric has developed for sharing his strategies within your event’s agenda. 

“Passionate, professional, motivational!”
– Kevin Dickinson, DDS

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What you’ll learn: 

Participants will be able to recognize the biggest mistakes that aspiring group practices make and utilize tools to scale their practice quickly. They will also have specific action items to implement immediately, positioning themselves for future success in the competitive world of group dental practices.


1.5-2 Hours

The Group Practice Accelerator

 Strategies for Growing A Group Practice

The Group Practice Accelerator (GPA) is a comprehensive course designed to equip dental entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow their group practices. This course focuses on three critical areas – strategy, capital allocation, and organizational structure – that must be well-planned and executed to increase a group’s transferable value.

Course Objectives:

  • Strategy Development: Participants will learn how to develop a strong business strategy that maximizes resources and talent, and understand the negative impact of lacking strategy on business valuation.
  • Capital Allocation: Participants will analyze numerical data to optimize capital allocation and explore the lack of education on proper capital allocation that hinders growth.
  • Organizational Structure: Participants will understand the concept of organizational ceiling, recognize the necessary changes and stress that comes with pushing through the ceiling, and identify the correct organizational structure and team to scale quickly without adding excessive stress.

“I have been in solo practice for over 10 years and have been through many ups and downs. In this time, I have benefited from several different practice consultants who each brought their own unique approaches to operating and managing dental practices. About 6 months ago, I went to a brief one-hour seminar with Eric and was just amazed at what he said was possible. I signed up immediately and a few weeks later, I was in my first workshop with Tower Leadership. I cannot emphasize enough, that the information that I received in one workshop changed my entire thought process about my practice. Three months later, with my team and I utilizing the core principles taught by Eric, I have seen numbers that I did not ever think was POSSIBLE! Not even in my wildest, most absurd dreams did I ever think my practice can do what it has done. My faith has been restored in my practice and I am so immensely excited for the future. Thank you to Eric and the Tower Leadership Team for giving me the gift of hope. I highly recommend that if you happen to cross paths with Eric, please do not hesitate to sign on with them. They are the real deal” 

The Practice Value Multiplier

Transforming Dental Practices into Valuable Assets

The Practice Value Multiplier is an exclusive event aimed at dental professionals who want to elevate their practice to the next level. Morin provides attendees with a proven roadmap for increasing the valuation and scalability of their practice. Through his presentation, attendees will learn strategies and techniques that have transformed numerous practices across the US. The event is designed for those who want to increase their practice’s valuation and those who plan to sell their practice within the next few years

Course Objectives:

  • The importance of treating a practice as an asset, not just an income stream
  • How to increase the valuation and scalability of a dental practice • When to sell a practice and the financial implications of doing so
  • Tangible tools to address common problems that dentists face in increasing their practice's value

What you’ll learn: 

Dental professionals who attend The Practice Value Multiplier will gain valuable knowledge and insights into how to transform their practice into a valuable asset. Attendees will learn strategies for increasing the valuation and scalability of their practice, as well as practical tools to address common problems in this area. For those considering selling their practice, the event provides valuable information about when and how to do so. By attending The Practice Value Multiplier, dental professionals will have the knowledge and tools needed to take their practice to the next level and become part of the top 1% of dental practices.

1.5 – 2 Hours

“Thank you, Eric, for creating such a huge positive shift in my life in such a short period of time. What Eric does is provide you with the very next step on the road to reaching your dreams. Clearly. Cleanly. Succinctly. Thank you, Eric, for the simplicity and clarity that has led to massive action in just six months. I never imagined it possible.” – Dr. Helen Sempira

What you’ll learn: 

This masterclass is designed for leaders and decision-makers in the dental industry who aspire to build successful, scalable, and dominant organizations. Morin’s expertise and top-down approach offer a unique and proven perspective on how to navigate and succeed in the competitive dental landscape. Attendees will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of the market, practical strategies for growth and success, and the tools and frameworks necessary to build a strong and lasting organization.


1.5- 2 Hours

The Competitive Practice Masterclass

Strategies for Success in a Rapidly Changing Market

This masterclass equips participants with the strategies and knowledge necessary to navigate and excel in the highly competitive and rapidly changing dental market. This course is designed to empower attendees to adapt and thrive amidst the new competitive landscape. Morin emphasizes an abundance mindset, encouraging participants to focus on growth opportunities and take a proactive approach to the market.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the current competitive landscape of the dental market and the forces driving its rapid evolution
  • Identify and leverage competitive advantages to grow your dental practice or organization
  • Develop recurring, scalable systems and standard operating procedures to facilitate growth and success
  • Build a strong organization and team that can compete and dominate in the marketplace
  • Leave a lasting legacy through effective leadership and strategic planning

“What a great experience for our team at the Tower Leadership Team Leader Retreat.  I always try to work with the best and the team at Tower are the best in the industry.  All doctors NEED to spend at least as much time working on this aspect of their business if they want to have the most impact on the lives of their patients, team, and family.  Be intentional and work with Eric and his incredible team…you will be a better spouse, parent and business owner.”
– Dr. Matthew Allen

Leadership Excellence

The 4R’s of Developing Genuine and Effective Leaders

Leadership is a highly sought-after skill in today’s dynamic business landscape. It goes beyond delegating tasks or managing people; it’s about inspiring growth and achieving better results through strategic thinking and implementation. In this course, we delve into the art and science of leadership, exploring the four key qualities that define genuine and effective leaders. The 4R’s of Leadership is a revolutionary approach that helps individuals and teams build the leadership skills necessary to succeed in any industry.

Course Objectives:

  • Representation: Learn how to consistently show up in a way that inspires and motivates those around you.
  • Resilience: Build the resilience needed to overcome challenges and setbacks, and learn from past mistakes to achieve better outcomes.
  • Remedy: Develop the ability to ask better questions and find creative solutions to challenges, creating a proactive process for exceptional results.
  • Results: Master the art of inspiring and leading teams to achieve the results you desire.

What you’ll learn: 

Gain invaluable insights into what it takes to be a genuine and effective leader. You will be equipped with practical tools and strategies to help you lead with purpose and inspire your team to greatness. You will learn that leadership is not a destination but a journey of continuous growth and development. You will also be reminded that being a great leader is not just about being a boss, but about inspiring others to make awesome things happen.

1.5- 2 Hours

“Great crash course on finance. My CFO father has attempted for years to explain these concepts to me without luck at me understanding. In two days, I’ve learned more about business and obtaining wealth than from my father, accountant, financial planner or boyfriend (who has two successful start-ups). I thought I just did not understand business. Turns out I just didn’t have the right teacher.” – Dr. Stephanie Sweeney 

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