I am a business and leadership consultant, Forbes speaker and author specializing in helping CEO’s transform their businesses – and their lives – with a unique approach to wealth generation. 

I built my own practice into a multi-doctor, multi-milliondollar enterprise from the ground up. In the decades since, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of business owners and individuals to help them spend less time in the office, and more time doing the things they love.  

Aside from private consultancy, I speak regularly at events across the country. My team and I have developed programs to suit almost any agenda – from keynotes and presentations to two-day workshops. In these keynotes, presentations and workshops I’ve shown thousands of individuals how to have the same success I’ve had by investing within the walls of their business or investing in their own personal development. Turning the business or occupation from a simple income stream into a self-managed, wealth-generating asset that allows them to live the lives they have always wanted. 

I am the CEO and Founder of Tower Leadership.  Tower Leadership is a unique organization that teaches business, leadership and wealth skills to the medical industry. The end-goal is for the business owner to reshape their lives to match their ambitions, carving out a work-life balance that enables them to positively impact their team, family and wider community.  

When it comes to Eric’s philosophy, it is simple. Too many people stumble through life with no clear idea of what they are doing, or why they are doing it. They go to work every day, grow their businesses and one day retire.  

Eric believes people were not simply put on this earth to be complacent and settle for the bare minimum. When individuals were children, they did not simply aspire to play golf or stare at the walls as many do in retirement. Most children aspired to be firemen, policemen, etc.,individuals who have a positive impact on others. 

Finding someone’s philosophy – their motivating set of ideas – is the key to unlocking their potential. 

From rediscovering individuals’ ambition, of when they were young, to finding the drive to do more than simply settle. 

If individuals can find that, it will spread. Others will coalesce around that philosophy. 

Help people achieve their vision and leave a legacy that they can be proud of.  

Eric’s vision is to help as many business owners and individuals accomplish this as possible. 

To construct their philosophy. 

Identify their goals. 

And do whatever he can to help them achieve. 

The more he can help, the more they will help. 

It is as simple as that.