Most of us just want to build enough wealth to live comfortably in retirement. Eric J. Morin believes that we can do better. And it’s his mission to show you how. 

As a national speaker, author, consultant and Forbes thought leader, he works with dentists and practices to help them move from simply surviving, to having a positive impact on the people around them. 

My name is Eric J. Morin. 

I am a Wealth and Business Coach, Forbes Speaker and author specialized in educating dentists and business owners on how to achieve financial freedom by investing in their own practices. 

I started by building my own family practice into a multi-doctor, multi-million-dollar enterprise from the ground up. In the decades since, I’ve worked with hundreds of dentists to help them spend less time in the chair, and more time doing the things they love. Many have doubled their revenue within the first year of working with me, and some have paid off their homes in two. 

Aside from private consultancy, I regularly speak at events across the country. I have developed programs to suit almost any agenda – from keynotes and presentations to two-day workshops. 

Now I dedicate my life to helping people achieve their vision and leave a legacy they can be proud of. 

"Your future is around the corner, and it’s absolutely up to you what’s there when you arrive."

Eric J. Morin

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Finding your philosophy – your motivating set of ideas – is the key to unlocking your potential. To rediscovering the ambition you had when you were a kid. To finding the drive to do more than just play golf and stare at walls. If you can find that, it’ll spread. Others will coalesce around that philosophy. Help you to achieve that vision. And you can leave a legacy that you can be proud of.

"Every great organization has three things in common: purpose, passion and progress."

Eric J. Morin

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Jay Kansal, DMD

“I’m glad I found Eric because he thinks outside the box and has the big picture mentality coupled with big dream/visions.”

Chauncey Conner, DDS

“I actually believe I’ll be successful and that we really are going to be extremely wealthy. Thank you, Eric!”

Stephanie Sweeney, DMD

“I thought I just did not understand business, turns out I just didn’t have the right teacher.”

Anna Schultz, DMD

“Eric is phenomenal! The information, advice, and personal and professional counsel I’ve recede have been exceptional."

Matthew Allen, DDS

“Be intentional and work with Eric and his incredible team... you will be a better spouse, parent and business owner!”

Meigan Miller, DMD

“I will forever be grateful to them for their impact on my team and me and on the legacy, we are leaving.”

William Webb, DDS

“The professional and personal growth our team has experienced is amazing!!”

John Uetski, DMD

“My head is about to explode with awesome things to help our patients! Thank you!”

Tim Casey, DDS

“Eric has confirmed all the challenges of incoherent advice that I have received from my accountant, bankers, other consultants, and the 401k retirement gurus."


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