Eric J. Morin is a Forbes speaker and author who turned his own dental practice into a multi-doctor, multi-million-dollar business. His consultancy, keynotes, presentations, and workshops have helped hundreds of other dentists follow his approach. Double their revenues. Pay off their homes within two years. Spend more time with their families. 

Below, we’ll take you through the four key programs Eric has developed for sharing his strategies within your event’s agenda. 

“Passionate, professional, motivational!”
– Kevin Dickinson, DDS

Eric’s schedule is extremely limited. To inquire about his availability for your next event, contact his team today. 


The three core principles that will change your life

If you want to grow your practice, where do you start? Marketing campaigns? Equipment upgrades? How about starting with yourself?

In this one of a kind keynote, Eric explains how the key to long-term, exponential business growth is personal growth. Learning the leadership skills required to build, retain and nurture a team that will unlock the potential in your practice – and in yourself.


  • The power of leadership - and how to unleash it
  • How leadership is the key that unlocks the economic potential of your practice
  • How leadership skills will help you to build the team you need to grow
  • How to use that growth to impact the lives of your family, team, and community

With an understanding of Eric’s three core leadership principles, you will share in the secrets that thousands of dentists have used to transform their businesses, their lives, and their legacies.

1-4 Hours or Keynote

“I have been in solo practice for over 10 years and have been through many ups and downs. In this time, I have benefited from several different practice consultants who each brought their own unique approaches to operating and managing dental practices. About 6 months ago, I went to a brief one-hour seminar with Eric and was just amazed at what he said was possible. I signed up immediately and a few weeks later, I was in my first workshop with Tower Leadership. I cannot emphasize enough, that the information that I received in one workshop changed my entire thought process about my practice. Three months later, with my team and I utilizing the core principles taught by Eric, I have seen numbers that I did not ever think was POSSIBLE! Not even in my wildest, most absurd dreams did I ever think my practice can do what it has done. My faith has been restored in my practice and I am so immensely excited for the future. Thank you to Eric and the Tower Leadership Team for giving me the gift of hope. I highly recommend that if you happen to cross paths with Eric, please do not hesitate to sign on with them. They are the real deal” 


How to earn more money by getting out of the dentist’s chair.

As a dentist, more dentistry seems like the obvious path to higher earnings. But the more patients you attract, the more time you spend tied to the chair.

In this presentation, Eric J. Morin shows you how to think less like a dentist and more like a CEO. To create a self-managed practice that not only increases your revenue, but also allows you to spend more time away from the office; while providing a better service to patients.


  • The key business decisions for growing your practice
  • How to increase your share of the local market
  • How to build an enthusiastic team, empowered to manage themselves
  • The processes and systems that support self-perpetuating development
  • How to spend less time at work, and be more time focused on the important things in life

Eric will take you through the business strategies necessary to grow your practice, the key financial decisions along the way, and how to build a team you can trust to keep everything running smoothly.

Partial Day or Keynote

“Thank you, Eric, for creating such a huge positive shift in my life in such a short period of time. What Eric does is provide you with the very next step on the road to reaching your dreams. Clearly. Cleanly. Succinctly. Thank you, Eric, for the simplicity and clarity that has led to massive action in just six months. I never imagined it possible.” – Dr. Helen Sempira

You’ll learn why referrals are the most cost-effective way of gaining new patients, where to spend your money to encourage recommendations, and why the same investments are the best way of keeping the patients you already have; creating a highly sustainable form of growth.

Partial Day or Keynote


Earn more from every dollar spent by investing ‘within the walls’ and creating a referrals-driven practice

The most obvious way to attract more patients is to spend on external marketing like advertising and postcard campaigns. But dentists are frequently disappointed with the results.

In this keynote, Eric J. Morin shows you how investing internally – within the walls of your
practice – is a more effective way of growing your business.


  • Strategies for creating a patient experience that encourages recommendation
  • Key areas of investment for instant returns
  • How to earn more from every dollar you spend on your business

“What a great experience for our team at the Tower Leadership Team Leader Retreat.  I always try to work with the best and the team at Tower are the best in the industry.  All doctors NEED to spend at least as much time working on this aspect of their business if they want to have the most impact on the lives of their patients, team, and family.  Be intentional and work with Eric and his incredible team…you will be a better spouse, parent and business owner.”
– Dr. Matthew Allen


Adopting the mentality of a CEO with an asset to grow

The dentist’s standard approach to saving is the same as for anyone else. Take their income and put it in bonds, shares and retirement funds. CPAs and financial advisors will tell them to do the same. But a dental practice is a uniquely powerful investment vehicle.

In this two-day, MBA-style workshop, you’ll learn how the top 1% of dentists put money back into their practices to achieve a higher return than any portfolio – without relying on unpredictable markets. How and where to invest in your practice. How to unlock the potential in the most valuable asset available to you.


  • This groundbreaking strategy for unlocking the wealth potential of your practice
  • How to attract cost-effective referrals
  • How to build a world-class team without giving away equity
  • How to create a self-managed practice that doesn’t depend on your presence

You’ll learn how this proven, unique approach to generating wealth earns you more freedom both today and in retirement. You’ll leave with a step-by-step, personalized action plan you can take away and enact

One or Two-Day Workshop

“Great crash course on finance. My CFO father has attempted for years to explain these concepts to me without luck at me understanding. In two days, I’ve learned more about business and obtaining wealth than from my father, accountant, financial planner or boyfriend (who has two successful start-ups). I thought I just did not understand business. Turns out I just didn’t have the right teacher.” – Dr. Stephanie Sweeney 

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