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Eric J. Morin is a versatile speaker with many topics to highlight but his overall theme and goal is to help you achieve the highest echelon in life and inspire you to keep leveling up.  Here are a few major topic points you’ll hear Eric speak on.


Your philosophy affects every part of your life. Learn the ground-breaking philosophy for turning your business into your greatest asset.


Do you have a clear defined vision for your business? For your life? Does your team know? Learn how to begin building a clearly defined vision and how to share it with your team.


You mindset has a transformative power over your life and business. Changing the way you think will greatly impact everything. Learn the best kind of mindset to have to excel and reach a higher echelon in life.


Learn how to run your business like a CEO and make business decisions based on financials, investment and cash flow. Reduce stress by empowering your team to run the business even without you there.


Investing is the greatest thing you can do for you, your business and everyone around you. Find out the key levers of investment for significant growth in your business and team.


Learn how to reduce stress by empowering your team, creating systems for growth and accountability while creating impact and dominating your marketplace.


Specific Keynotes

Every month, Eric has been consistently presenting keynotes in workshops, conferences, and seminars.  A few specific types of workshops and speaker topics Eric speaks on regularly are listed below.  He has an ability to adapt these topics to your audience and time-frame while still hitting his target points and goals.

Proven Processes

In this presentation, Eric J. Morin will share strategies for becoming a true CEO of your practice, understanding the business decisions necessary to grow your business and how to make key financial decisions to achieve your goals.

  • Understand the key business decisions for growing your business.
  • Discover the keys to creating team enthusiasm and a culture where the entire team is excited to come to work.
  • Reduce stress by empowering your team to run the practice even without you there.
  • Identify the superior systems and processes for team accountability, growth and positive movement in your business.
  • Focus on growth by creating a community of impact and servant leadership.
  • Dominate your marketplace.

Recommended for: Business Owners & Spouse
Duration: Partial Day or Keynote

How & Where to Invest

Discover the keys to investing within the walls of your business and how it is more impactful to invest internally rather than externally for growth, increased revenue and referrals.

  • Gain the surefire ways to investing inside your business.
  • Learn the secrets of how to create a highly referable customer experience.
  • Understand the key areas in your business to invest for instant return on investment.

Recommended for: Business Owners & Spouse, Office Manager
Duration: Partial Day or Keynote

Fundamentals for Growth

In this two day, MBA-style workshop, you will learn the foundations for running your practice like a CEO and how to move your practice to become self-managed.

  • Learn the ground-breaking philosophy for turning your business into your greatest asset
  • Learn how to utilize your financials to make business decisions.
  • Learn how to attract and retain world-class team members and associates without giving away equity.
  • Leave with a step-by-step action plan for transforming your business into the business you have always wanted.

Recommended for: Business Owners & Spouse
Duration: 1 or 2 days


Learn how to compete and dominate against corporate dentistry and understand why they are not a threat to the dental industry.

  • Learn how to compete against corporate dentistry
  • Learn the keys to running a practice to dominate corporations.
  • Understand the keys to market without lowering the costs of your dental fees.

Recommended for: Main owning doctor and spouse, associate dentists or office manager
Duration: 1-4 hrs or Keynote

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